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NYSOL (read as nee-sol) is a generic name of software tools and project activities designed for industry-wide applications. 
The tools are developed from various large-scale data analysis and university research projects.

This software runs in UNIX environment (Linux and Mac OS X).

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Package 1.0 Manual (htmlpdf),  Change Log 
 Package 2.0 Manual (htmlpdf)  

M-Command is a set of open source commands developed to process large scale data structures (CSV data) 
efficiently. The commands can process more than 10 million records of CSV data on a regular PC. 
Manual (pdf) 

Includes a variety of commands for frequent pattern mining. Features such as emerging pattern and taxonomy are added for the enumeration of frequent item sets and sequential patterns. LCM and VSOP is used as the core algorithm.
Manual (htmlpdf) 

This package uses ZDD(Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams: BDD Zero-suppressed graph), weighted item sets can be stored in a compact structure with VSOP (Valued-Sum-Of-Products calculator), implemented as 
Ruby extension library. 
Manual (pdf)

The M
ining Command extends the functionality to implement experimental analysis technique in a relatively small scale. 
Tutorials, Q&A, Application Script Collection

This sub-project includes publication of NYSOL package tutorial, Q&A, and various application scripts to extend learning support of NYSOL tools. 


Ekillion is a web application that efficiently enumerates all JR train paths in Japan metropolitan and suburbs from startpoint to endpoint.
The efficient enumeration of all paths is powered by the software Graphillion (Developed by JST ERATO Minato Discrete Structure Manipulation Projectwhich uses advanced algorithms to enumerate huge number of graphset.
Manual (htmlpdf)

Ruby extension library is developed  to process large-scale CSV data on Ruby. It includes sequential read (Mcsvin) and write (Mcsvout) functions, as well as random access to each cell within the CSV data table (Mtable). These functions treats newline and comma in strings according to the standard specification of CSV data compliant to RCF 4180.
Manual (html, pdf)

A collection of visualization commands which allow users to build graph based data in GraphViz and Gephi. It is also possible to generate various charts with D3.
Manual (html, pdf)

The package contains a collection of text mining-related commands which carries out parsing and morphological analysis of Japanese sentences with knp and Juman, and the command is capable of extracting from case frame and registering in the dictionary.